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5th millennium BC: Quiz


Question 1: 4300 BC: Theta Boötis became the nearest visible star to the celestial ________.
North PoleArctic CircleArctic explorationArctic Ocean

Question 2: Later it is introduced in ________ Valley (c.
Indus RiverBhagirathi RiverYamunaGanges

Question 3: ________ grows slightly throughout the millennium, maybe from 5 to 7 million people.
OverpopulationWorld populationPopulation growthFood security

Question 4: 5000–4500 BC: Għar Dalam phase of Neolithic farmers on Malta, possibly immigrant farmers from the ________ region of Sicily.

Question 5: 4121 BC: Eduard Meyer's date for the creation of the ________, based on his calculations of the Sothic cycle.
Ethiopian calendarEgyptian calendarCoptic calendarByzantine calendar

Question 6: 4004 BC—According to the chronology created by James Ussher based on the Old Testament of the ________, this is when the universe is created at nightfall preceding October 23.
Christianity and JudaismBiblical canonNevi'imBible

Question 7: farming, animal husbandry
pottery, metallurgy, wheel
circular ditches, ________, megaliths
Neolithic religion
Concentric stone circleHengeAveburyStonehenge

Question 8: 5000–4000 BC: Bowl, from Banpo, near Xi'an, ________, is made.
ShaanxiHu CountyBaqiao DistrictLantian County

Question 9: Urban cultures in Mesopotamia and ________ flourish, developing the wheel.
TurkeyAnatoliaTurkish peopleIstanbul

Question 10: 5000 BC - ________ starts in Ancient Japan.
Intensive farmingSustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farming


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