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Question 1: Typically provisioning is done using a one of two methods - a ________ (CLI) called RCV:APPTEXT, and through the menu-driven RCV:MENU,APPRC program.
Windows PowerShellUnixCommand-line interpreterCommand-line interface

Question 2: This digital ________ telephone circuit switching system is used by many telecommunications service providers.
1ESS switchPanel switchTelephone exchangeCrossbar switch

Question 3: Early Automatic & ________
Strowger Switch Panel Switch Western Electric 1XB Western Electric 5XB
1ESS switchCrossbar switchTelephone exchangeNumber One Crossbar Switching System

Question 4: Now they consist of several redundant multi-gigabyte ________ drives that each reside on a card.
SCSIParallel SCSIUniversal Serial BusSerial ATA

Question 5: ________ are serviced by 5ESS switches.
1ESS switchCrossbar switchTelephone exchangePanel switch

Question 6: The 5ESS Class 5 Switch first appeared in Seneca, Illinois (815 Area Code) in 1982, and slowly replaced the ________ and other electromechanical and analog systems in the 1980s and 1990s.
Crossbar switch1ESS switchNumber One Crossbar Switching SystemNumber Five Crossbar Switching System

Question 7: Each has a controller, a small computer whose ________ and memories, like most common equipment of the exchange, are duplicated for redundancy.
Reduced instruction set computerCentral processing unitMicroprocessor64-bit

Question 8: The 5ESS Switch is the Class 5 telephone electronic switching system sold by ________.
Alcatel-LucentFrance TélécomAlstomAXA

Question 9: Lucent Technologies (now part of ________) was formerly the AT&T Network Systems division of AT&T, which in turn was formerly known as Western Electric.
Alcatel-LucentAlstomFrance TélécomAXA


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