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59th Primetime Emmy Awards: Quiz


Question 1:
  • Tina Fey for playing Liz Lemon on ________
    30 Rock (season 1)30 Rock (season 2)30 Rock30 Rock (season 3)

Question 2: David Morse for playing ________ on House
Michael TritterGregory HouseJames Wilson (House)House (season 3)

Question 3: ________ for playing Molly Kagan in The Starter Wife
Megan MullallyJulia Louis-DreyfusDebra MessingSarah Jessica Parker

Question 4: When ________ delivered a comic monologue about the change of television in the years since he left his own show, he mentioned that "for one, from what I hear, Frasier is screwing my wife?".
Ray RomanoAlec BaldwinKelsey GrammerEric McCormack

Question 5: ________ for The Sopranos (episode: "Made in America")
Soprano Home MoviesDavid ChaseThe Blue CometMusic on The Sopranos

Question 6: ________ for playing Joan McAllister in The Starter Wife
Meryl StreepJudy DavisAngelina JolieVanessa Redgrave

Question 7: ________ for playing Sofia Reyes on Ugly Betty
From Dusk till Dawn30 RockSalma HayekMexico

Question 8: Jim Hoskinson for ________ — Show #2161
The Daily ShowThe Colbert ReportStephen ColbertWho Made Huckabee?

Question 9: ________ for playing Zenia Arden in The Robber Bride
Angelina JolieMary-Louise ParkerVanessa RedgraveKathy Bates

Question 10: The award went to ________ for Extras, but after reading his name, Jon Stewart was informed that Gervais was not at the ceremony.
The Office Christmas SpecialsThe Office (UK TV series)The Office (U.S. TV series)Ricky Gervais

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