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55: Quiz


Question 1: Corbulo is sent by Nero to settle a problem in ________.
ParthiaHyrcaniaMedesAria (satrapy)

Question 2: ________ is removed from the imperial palace by her son Nero, who installs her in the Villa Antonia.
Agrippina the ElderClaudiusAugustusAgrippina the Younger

Question 3: The apostle Paul writes his ________.
New TestamentEpistle to the EphesiansSecond Epistle to the CorinthiansFirst Epistle to the Corinthians

Question 4: Year 55 (LV) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the ________.
Islamic calendarGregorian calendarJulian calendarChronology

Question 5: ________, son of Claudius (killed by supporters of Nero)
BritannicusCaligulaValeria MessalinaAgrippina the Younger

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