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509–500 BC: Quiz


Question 1: 500 BC—Signifies the end of the ________ civilization in Oscar Montelius periodization system and begins the Pre-Roman Iron Age.
Bronze Age BritainAegean civilizationsAbashevo cultureNordic Bronze Age

Question 2: 502 BC—Naxos rebels against Persian domination sparking the ________.
Ionian RevoltHistories (Herodotus)MiletusGreco-Persian Wars

Question 3: 508 BC—Office of pontifex maximus created in ________.

Question 4: September 13, 509 BC—The temple of Jupiter on Rome's ________ is dedicated on the ides of September.
Capitoline HillPalatine HillQuirinal HillPalazzo Farnese, Rome

Question 5: First pair of ________ elected.
Roman consulAncient RomeRoman KingdomRoman Emperor

Question 6: 508 BC—Cleisthenes reorganizes ________.

Question 7: 507 BCCleisthenes, Greek reformer, takes power and increases ________.
John LockeDemocracyAuthoritarianismGottfried Leibniz

Question 8: 500 BCBantu-speaking people migrate into south-west ________ from the west.

Question 9: 501 BC—In response to threats by the ________, Rome creates the office of dictator.
Pontine MarshesSabineLatins (Italic tribe)Monte Cavo

Question 10: 501 BC—Gadir (present-day Cádiz) is captured by ________.


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