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5.45x39mm: Quiz


Question 1: The unhardened steel core is covered by a thin ________ coating which does not fill the entire point end, leaving a hollow cavity inside the nose.

Question 2:
What type is thing is 5.45x39mm?
NICTD station

Question 3: The Soviet 5.45x39mm round was introduced into service in 1974 for use with the new ________ assault rifle.

Question 4: The propellant charge is a ball powder with similar burning characteristics to the WC 844 powder used in ________ ammunition.
5.56x45mm NATO.223 RemingtonM16 rifle7.62x51mm NATO

Question 5: It gradually supplemented and then largely replaced the ________ round in service.
.30-06 Springfield7.62x54mmR7.62x39mm.45 ACP

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