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5,6-Methylenedioxy-N-methyl-2-aminoindane: Quiz


Question 1: It acts as a non-neurotoxic and highly selective serotonin ________ (SSRA) in animals and a putative empathogen in humans.
Releasing agentMonoamine oxidase inhibitorNorepinephrine reuptake inhibitorNicotinic agonist

Question 2: 5,6-Methylenedioxy-N-methyl-2-aminoindane (MDMAI), is a drug and research chemical developed in the 1990s by a team led by David E. Nichols at ________.
Ohio State UniversityIndiana University (Bloomington)Purdue UniversityMichigan State University

Question 3: MDMAI can be thought of as a cyclised analogue of ________ where the alpha-methyl carbon of the alkylamino side chain has been joined back round to the 6-position of the aromatic ring to form an indane ring system.


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