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4 Maccabees: Quiz


Question 1: This characterization is practically without parallel in Jewish literature, and it is cited as the best example of ________ between Jewish and Hellenistic thought.

Question 2: Good souls are said to live forever in happiness with the patriarchs and ________, but even the evil souls are held to be immortal.

Question 3: The book is ascribed to Josephus by ________ and Jerome, and this opinion was accepted for many years, leading to its inclusion in many editions of Josephus' works.
Eusebius of CaesareaEarly ChristianityTimeline of ChristianityDevelopment of the New Testament canon

Question 4: The book is generally dated between the first century BCE and the first century CE, due to its reliance on 2 Maccabees and use by ________.
ChristianityBaptistChristian denominationEcumenism

Question 5: It was probably written before the persecution of the Jews under ________, and certainly before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE.

Question 6: Perhaps the closest match in the New Testament is the (anonymous) ________.
Epistle to the HebrewsBibleBible prophecyBiblical canon

Question 7: The work thus appears to be an independent composition to ________ and 2 Maccabees, merely drawing on their descriptions to support its thesis.
1 MaccabeesPsalmsSirachOld Testament

Question 8: The writer believes in the ________ of the soul, but denies the Pharisaic belief in the resurrection of the body.


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