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Question 1: The ________ series included the possibilities of civil unrest in unhappy cities and from Civilization II onwards the player could be over-ruled by the senate on military matters.
SocietyCultureSocietal collapseCivilization

Question 2: [62] ________ encountered development problems followed by a rushed release in 2001.
Civilization IV: WarlordsCivilization IVCivilization IV: Beyond the SwordCivilization III

Question 3: The term "4X" originates from a 1993 preview of ________ in Computer Gaming World by Alan Emrich, in which he rated the game "XXXX" as a pun on the XXX rating for pornography.
Master of OrionMaster of Orion II: Battle at AntaresReach for the Stars (computer game)Master of Orion III

Question 4: ________, which arguably established the conventions for the real-time strategy genre, was fundamentally designed to be a "flat interface", with no additional screens.
Dune IIEmperor: Battle for DuneDune (video game)Dune 2000

Question 5: [19] This blend of 4X and real-time strategy gameplay led Ironclad Games to market their 2008 release ________ as a "RT4X" game.
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread LordsSins of a Solar EmpireDemigod (video game)Elemental: War of Magic

Question 6: Sid Meier's Civilization was also influenced by personal computer games such as the city management game ________ and the wargame Empire.
SimCity (series)SimCitySimCity 4SimCity 2000

Question 7: [58] Sid Meier's team also produced Colonization in 1994 and ________ in 1996,[59] while Simtex released Master of Orion in 1993, Master of Magic in 1994 and Master of Orion II in 1996.
Civilization IICivilization IVCivilization IV: Beyond the SwordCivilization IV: Warlords

Question 8: In 2003, ________ released a remake of Galactic Civilizations, which was praised by reviewers who saw the game as a replacement for the Master of Orion series.
MyColorsStardock CentralStardockObject Desktop

Question 9: [51] Sid Meier's Civilization was influenced by board games such as Risk and the ________ board game also called Civilization.
Advanced Squad LeaderCharles S. RobertsWargamingAvalon Hill

Question 10: Eventually real-time 4X games were released, such as ________ in 1997,[18] and Starships Unlimited in 2001.
Imperium GalacticaNexus: The Jupiter IncidentBattlestations: MidwayImperium Galactica II: Alliances

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