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4-6-0: Quiz


Question 1: Both the Pennsylvania Railroad and the ________ (B&O) were early adopters of the 4-6-0, using them for fast freight and heavy passenger trains.
Western Maryland RailwayBaltimore and Ohio RailroadNorfolk and Western RailwayAmtrak

Question 2: ________, 410 locomotives built 1942 - 1952.
LNER Class J38LNER Thompson Class B1LNER Peppercorn Class A2LNER Peppercorn Class A1

Question 3: BR standard class 4 4-6-0, 80 locomotives built in 1951 by BR ________.
GWR Iron Duke ClassGWR 4073 ClassGreat Western RailwaySwindon Works

Question 4: GWR 2900 ("Saint") Class, 76 locomotives built 1902 - 1913 by GWR ________.
GWR 4073 ClassSwindon WorksGWR Iron Duke ClassGreat Western Railway

Question 5: Other equivalent classifications are:
UIC classification: 2C (also known as German classification and Italian classification)
French classification: 230
Turkish classification: 35
________: 3/5
SBB-CFF-FFS RBDe 560Swiss Federal RailwaysSwiss locomotive and railcar classificationZürich S-Bahn

Question 6: In the ________, a 4-6-0 is a railroad steam locomotive that has a two-axle leading truck followed by three driving axles.
Whyte notation0-6-02-8-8-44-6-4

Question 7: LMS 7P Royal Scot, 70 locomotives built 1927 - 1930 by North British and LMS ________.
Derby Midland railway stationDerby WorksLondon, Midland and Scottish RailwayDerby Carriage and Wagon Works

Question 8: LMS Stainer Class 5 ("Black Five"), 842 locomotives built 1934 - 1951 by LMS Crewe, Derby, and Horwich Works, Vulcan Foundry, and ________.
Armstrong WhitworthVickers-ArmstrongsHarland and WolffHawthorn Leslie and Company

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