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3D optical data storage: Quiz


Question 1: Therefore, some kind of ________ is required to ensure that these other data points do not interfere with the addressing of the desired point.
Nonlinear systemDynamical systemChaos theoryControl theory

Question 2: ________ (BD): BD-R, BD-RE
Optical disc authoringBlu-ray DiscHD DVDDVD

Question 3: Landauer inc.[29] are developing a media based on resonant 2-photon absorption in a ________ single crystal substrate.

Question 4: Many possible methods exist that include optical elements that swap in and out of the optical path, moving elements, ________, and immersion lenses.
Angular resolutionLaser guide starMirrorAdaptive optics

Question 5: Nonresonant two-photon absorption (as is generally used) is weak since in order for excitation to take place, the two exciting ________ must arrive at the chromophore at almost exactly the same time.
Standard ModelPhotonAtomElectron

Question 6: It should be noted that the size of individual chromophore ________ or photoactive color centers is much smaller than the size of the laser focus (which is determined by the diffraction limit).

Question 7: However, it is not yet clear whether the technology will ever come to market in the presence of competition from other quarters such as hard drives, ________, holographic storage and internet-based storage.
Read-only memoryFlash memoryRandom-access memoryDynamic random access memory

Question 8: The simplest method of ________ - the molding of a disk in one piece - is a possibility for some systems.

Question 9: The writing process may use the same kinds of media that are used in other types of ________, and may use 2-photon processes to form the holograms.
Compact DiscHolographic Versatile DiscHolographic data storage3D optical data storage

Question 10: The active part of 3D optical storage media is usually an organic ________ either doped or grafted with the photochemically active species.
PlasticNylonPolymer chemistryPolymer


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