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Question 1: ________, an optical illusion of depth created from a flat, two-dimensional image
Depth perceptionBinocular visionStereogramAutostereogram

Question 2: ________, any visual presentation system that attempts to maintain or recreate moving images of the third dimension
3-D filmWarner Bros.Avatar (2009 film)IMAX

Question 3: Something having three ________ e.g.
Five-dimensional spacePolytopeFourth dimensionDimension

Question 4: ________, any technique capable of recording three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image
AutostereoscopyStereoscopyHolography3D display

Question 5: ________, sometimes called 3D sound
High-definition videoSuper Audio CDSurround soundDolby Digital

Question 6:
  • A ________ or coordinate space with three dimensions
    Group (mathematics)Vector spaceHilbert spaceMatrix (mathematics)

Question 7: ________ sometimes known as 3Ds
British Rail Class 201British Rail Class 207British Rail Class 171British Rail Class 205

Question 8: ________, written as 3d, from the pre-decimal (£sd) system
Farthing (British coin)Threepence (British coin)Pound sterlingHalfpenny (British pre-decimal coin)

Question 9: ________, a secure protocol for online credit and debit card transactions
Credit cardPassword3-D SecureCard Security Code

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