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34th United States Congress: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (O / FS / A / D)
J. Donald CameronHenry WilsonBarry GoldwaterJohn A. Logan

Question 2: February 18, 1856: The American Party (Know-Nothings) convened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to nominate their first Presidential candidate, former President ________.
Millard FillmoreGrover ClevelandMartin Van BurenJohn Tyler

Question 3: May 21, 1856: ________ was captured and burned by pro-slavery forces (the "Sacking of Lawrence").
Topeka, KansasLawrence, KansasManhattan, KansasDouglas County, Kansas

Question 4: It met in Washington, D.C. from March 4, 1855 to March 4, 1857, during the last two years of the administration of U.S. President ________.
Franklin PierceJames BuchananFranklin D. RooseveltJames K. Polk

Question 5:
  • John W. Forney of ________, elected December 5, 1853
    PennsylvaniaConnecticutNorth CarolinaNew Jersey

Question 6: ________ (O / W)
John J. CrittendenJohn Breckinridge (Attorney General)Charles A. WickliffeFelix Grundy

Question 7: The Thirty-fourth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the ________.
State governments of the United StatesHistory of the United States House of RepresentativesUnited States House of Representatives111th United States Congress

Question 8: ________ (D), until January 7, 1857
John Fremont HillJames G. BlaineAndrew JohnsonHannibal Hamlin

Question 9: Secretary: Asbury Dickens of ________
South CarolinaNorth CarolinaGeorgia (U.S. state)Pennsylvania

Question 10: March 30, 1855: Elections were held for the first ________ legislature.
Colorado TerritoryMissouri TerritoryNebraska TerritoryKansas Territory


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