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30 (number): Quiz


Question 1: A ________ with thirty sides is called a tricontagon.
PolygonRegular polytopePolytopePolyhedron

Question 2: 30 (thirty) is the ________ following 29 and preceding 31.
Cardinal numberReal numberIntegerNatural number

Question 3: Judas Iscariot betrayed ________ for 30 pieces of silver.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelJesusNew Testament

Question 4: The movie title ________, starring Jennifer Garner
The Tic Code13 Going on 30 (soundtrack)Bride Wars13 Going on 30

Question 5: The house number of ________ (The Gherkin)
Shard London Bridge122 Leadenhall Street30 St Mary AxeHeron Tower

Question 6: The code for international direct dial phone calls to ________

Question 7: The uniform number of Maury Wills when he played for the ________.
Joe TorreTommy LasordaLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers all-time roster

Question 8: 30 has an aliquot sum of 42; the second sphenic number and all sphenic numbers of this form have an ________ 12 greater than themselves.
Divisor functionEuler's totient functionPrime numberNumber theory

Question 9: 30, album from 2001 by ________
Your SongsHarry for the HolidaysHarry Connick, Jr.Oh, My NOLA

Question 10: The total number of major and minor keys in Western ________, including enharmonic equivalents
Musical modeTonalityMusical scaleHarmony

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