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2 Esdras: Quiz


Question 1: It appears in the Appendix to the Old Testament in the Slavonic Bible, where it is called 3 Esdras, and the Georgian Bible numbers it 3 Ezra, with Ezra being called 1 Esdras and the ________ 1 Esdras being labeled as 2 Esdras.
New TestamentSeptuagintDeuterocanonical booksBiblical apocrypha

Question 2: Some early Latin manuscripts call it 3 Esdras, and ________ denoted it 4 Esdras.
IrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrastedJustin MartyrJerome

Question 3: The first vision takes place as Ezra is still in ________.
MesopotamiaBabylonBabyloniaAkkadian Empire

Question 4: The fifth vision concerns an ________ with three heads and twenty wings (twelve large wings and eight smaller wings "over against them").
Bald EagleGolden EagleEagleAquila (genus)

Question 5: 2 Esdras 3-14, is regarded as Scripture in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and it was also widely cited by early Fathers of the Church, particularly ________.
Francis de SalesPope John Paul IIHistory of the Catholic ChurchAmbrose

Question 6: The "seventy" might refer to the ________, most of the apocrypha, or the Lost Books that are described in the Bible.
New TestamentOld TestamentBiblical apocryphaSeptuagint

Question 7: The final scene is the triumph of the ________ over the empire.
Second ComingJewish eschatologyMessiahJesus

Question 8: Holy Bible, Douay-Rheims Version, O.T. Part 2 at ________ .
Project Gutenberg AustraliaProject GutenbergAmazon KindleGoogle Books

Question 9: The archangel ________ is sent to answer the question, responding that God's ways cannot be understood by the human mind.
UrielGabrielMichael (archangel)Seven Archangels

Question 10: Chapters 3-14, or the great bulk of 2 Esdras, are a ________ apocalypse also sometimes known as 4 Ezra,[4] or the Jewish Apocalypse of Ezra.


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