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2 Days to Vegas: Quiz


Question 1: 2 Days to Vegas is set to release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and ________ systems.
Internet Information ServicesMicrosoft WindowsDirectXInternet Explorer

Question 2: When Steel Monkeys in the UK shut down, the game moved production to the secondary Steel Monkeys studio established in Minsk, ________.
SerbiaBelarusBosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijan

Question 3: 2 Days to Vegas is a third-person ________ about a recently released convict named Vinny who must help his younger brother Tony, who is in trouble in Las Vegas.
Action-adventure gameFirst-person shooterThird-person shooterPlatform game

Question 4: So far, the confirmed locations include ________ and Las Vegas.
New YorkMassachusettsNew JerseyConnecticut

Question 5: 2 Days to Vegas is an upcoming third-person ________ developed by Steel Monkeys.
Action-adventure gamePlatform gameThird-person shooterFirst-person shooter

Question 6: Development of the game began in 2003 at the now defunct ________ studios of Steel Monkeys.

Question 7: The game is set in several major cities across the ________ and takes place during a 48 hour period.
AlaskaPhilippinesCanadaUnited States

Question 8: In August 2006, Steel Monkeys announced they would be using AGEIA PhysX SDK technology and NovodeX Physics software for their ________ solution.
Quantum mechanicsParticle physicsPhysicsUniverse

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