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2 (number): Quiz


Question 1: Number 2 is also reference defecation (as opposed to "Number 1" for ________)
UrinationPenisUrinary incontinenceBenign prostatic hyperplasia

Question 2: Two is the smallest and the first ________, and the only even one[2] (for this reason it is sometimes humorously called "the oddest prime"[3]).
Deficient numberPractical numberPerfect numberPrime number

Question 3: Group 2 in the ________ of the elements consists of the alkaline earth metals whose usual valence is +2.
Noble gasPeriodic tablePeriodic table (large version)Periodic table (standard)

Question 4: The Saros number of the ________ series which began on February 21 2541 BC and ended on April 22 1225 BC.
Lunar eclipseDecember 2009 lunar eclipseAugust 2007 lunar eclipseMarch 2007 lunar eclipse

Question 5: In ________, Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac.

Question 6: It is also a Stern prime, a ________, and a Markov number, appearing in infinitely many solutions to the Markov Diophantine equation involving odd-indexed Pell numbers.
Prime numberGolden ratioPell numberFibonacci number

Question 7: The most common philosophical dichotomy is perhaps the one of good and ________, but there are many others.
Jewish philosophyEvilPhilosophyChristian philosophy

Question 8: This latter set is important in ________: it is a subobject classifier in the category of sets.
Category theoryMathematical logicAlgebraic topologyMathematics

Question 9: Apparently for speed, the ________ started making the top line more like a curve and connecting to the bottom line.
Malayalam scriptGujarati scriptDevanagariBrāhmī script

Question 10: In Jewish law, the testimony of two witnesses are required to verify and validate events, such as marriage, divorce, and a crime that warrants ________
TortureCapital punishmentStoningReligion and capital punishment

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