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29th century: Quiz


Question 1: December 16, 2846: ________.
Observations and explorations of VenusGeology of VenusAtmosphere of VenusTransit of Venus

Question 2: In the year 2811 in Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity (both by ________) the AI Durandal arrives in the Lh'owon system 97 light years from the Milky Ways Center.
Rare (company)Microsoft Game StudiosXbox LiveBungie

Question 3: March 25, 2816: At 15:47 UTC Mercury will occult ________.
JupiterGanymede (moon)Callisto (moon)Io (moon)

Question 4: In the ________ episode "Xmas Story", 2809 was the year of the first Xmas massacre, caused by an evil robotic Santa Claus which was built by Mom's Friendly Robot Company in 2801.
Futurama: Bender's Big ScoreFuturamaThe SimpsonsFuturama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

Question 5: The 1980s animated series ________ was set in the 29th century.
The Comic Strip (TV series)ThunderCatsRankin/BassSilverHawks

Question 6:
It was last seen from Earth in ________1966, and broke into three pieces as it approached the Sun.

Question 7: February 6, 2825: At 10:50 UTC ________ will occult Uranus.
Water on MarsPhobos (moon)Deimos (moon)Mars

Question 8: 2829/2830: ________ Mars-Saturn.
JupiterTriple conjunctionSunVenus

Question 9: The ________ Rick Shelley novel Officer-Cadet is set in the year 2803.

Question 10: Scientists estimate that it will take until the 29th century for radiation levels in areas directly contaminated by the ________ of 1986 to become safe for permanent human habitation again.
Chernobyl disasterUraniumPlutoniumChernobyl disaster effects


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