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Question 1: c. 2500 BC: the construction of the stone circle at ________ begins and continues for the next five hundred years.
AveburyMegalithStonehengeSt Lythans burial chamber

Question 2: c. 2500 BC: "Menkaura and a Queen, perhaps his wife, Queen Khamerernebty II" sculpture, later found at ________.

Question 3: The 26th century BC is a century which lasted from the year 2600 BC to 2501 BC (7,401 to 7,500 ________).
Geologic time scaleJulian calendarHolocene calendarGregorian calendar

Question 4: c. 2589 BC: Pharaoh ________ starts to rule (other date is 2601 BC).
Ahmose IKhafraKhufuRamesses II

Question 5: It is now in ________.
JapanMuseum of Fine Arts, BostonCopley SquareAsia

Question 6: c. 2533 BC: Menkaura started to rule in ________.
Ptolemaic KingdomAncient EgyptAlexander the GreatNew Kingdom

Question 7: c. 2600 BC – 2500 BC: Wild horses still provide hunting feasts in ________.

Question 8: It is now kept at ________, Philadelphia.
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and AnthropologyUniversity of Pennsylvania Law SchoolFranklin FieldInstitute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

Question 9: 2575Old Kingdom in Egypt; ________; Sneferu is Pharaoh.
Fourth dynasty of EgyptPredynastic EgyptFifth dynasty of EgyptSixth dynasty of Egypt

Question 10: c. 2600 BC: Pre-Palace Period, phase I, in ________ (Mellersh 1970)


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