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26th century: Quiz


Question 1: The third and final portion of ________'s film The Fountain takes place in the 26th century with future astronaut Tom Verde, played by Hugh Jackman.
Requiem for a DreamThe Wrestler (2008 film)Darren AronofskyPi (film)

Question 2: The movie Idiocracy, in which an average man (played by Luke Wilson) from the year ________ is suspended in hibernation and wakes up 500 years later, is set in the year 2505.

Question 3: According to the theosophist ________, a colony will be established in Baja California for the intensive selective breeding of the sixth human root race
Maitreya (Theosophy)Charles Webster LeadbeaterSanat KumaraHelena Blavatsky

Question 4: The 1969 song by Zager and Evans, ________, describes what life is like in 2525 (and later the years 3535, 4545 and many others).
Je t'aime... moi non plusBad Moon Rising (song)In the Year 2525Honky Tonk Women

Question 5: Anthony Meredith writes the foreword to the Everhard Manuscript in Jack London's ________ around this time.
The Iron HeelUnited StatesNineteen Eighty-FourMarxism

Question 6: 2599: Triple conjunction Mars-________.
Ganymede (moon)Io (moon)JupiterCallisto (moon)

Question 7: Archer visits a possible version of ________ in this episode.
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C)James T. KirkUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701)Starship Enterprise

Question 8: January 25, 2518: At 22:41 UTC Venus will occult ________.

Question 9: The NES game Super Spy Hunter takes place in ________.
In the Year 2525Zager and EvansJe t'aime... moi non plusBad Moon Rising (song)

Question 10: 2562: The ________ Eris will have completed one orbit of the Sun, since its discovery in 2005.
Europa (moon)PlutoDwarf planetSolar System


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