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23rd century BC: Quiz


Question 1: 2278 BC: Pharaoh ________ starts to rule (other date is 2383 BC).
Pepi II NeferkareAhmose IHatshepsutSahure

Question 2: 2285 BC: Enheduanna, high priestess of the moon god Nanna in ________, was born.

Question 3: 2300 BC: Metals started to be used in ________.
Central EuropeEastern EuropeNorthern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 4: 2240 BC: ________, capital of the Akkadian Empire, becomes the largest city in the world, surpassing Memphis, capital of Egypt.
Akkadian EmpireSumerNeo-Assyrian EmpireAbbasid Caliphate

Question 5: It is now at The Brooklyn Museum of Art, ________.
ConnecticutNew JerseyMassachusettsNew York

Question 6: It is now in Musée du Louvre, ________.
MarseilleVersaillesParisÉvry, Essonne

Question 7: They took ________, the capital of Akkad, and destroyed it thoroughly.
Abbasid CaliphateAkkadian EmpireSumerNeo-Assyrian Empire

Question 8: 2300 BC – 2184 BC: Disk of Enheduanna, from Ur, (modern Muqaiyir, ________) is made.

Question 9: 2254 BC – 2218 BC: Stela of Naram-Sin, probably from Sippar, discovered in Susa (modern Shush, ________), is made.
AzerbaijanIraqIranIran–Iraq War

Question 10: 2289 BC: ________, the longest reigning monarch of all time, dies at the age of 100 after 94 years of rule.
Ahmose ISahureHatshepsutPepi II Neferkare


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