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23: Quiz


Question 1: Greek geographer Strabo publishes Geography, a work covering the world known to the Romans and Greeks at the time of Emperor ________ – it is the only such book to survive from the ancient world.
AugustusTiberiusRoman EmperorDomitian

Question 2: ________, Roman scientist and writer
CastraPliny the ElderRoman NavyRoman Empire

Question 3: Lucius Aelius Sejanus begins to dominate the ________ and Tiberius, after the death of Julius Caesar Drusus.
Roman KingdomRoman SenateAncient RomeRoman Magistrates

Question 4: Liu Xuan, a descendant of the ________ royal family and leader of insurgents against the Xin Dynasty, proclaims himself emperor against Wang Mang.
Ming DynastyTang DynastyHan DynastySong Dynasty

Question 5: Year 23 (XXIII) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the ________.
Gregorian calendarJulian calendarIslamic calendarChronology

Question 6: ________' son Julius Caesar Drusus dies.

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