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21st century: Quiz


Question 1: The events of ________ take place in 2052.
Deus Ex: Invisible WarDeus ExAnachronoxThief: Deadly Shadows

Question 2: ________, saros 136, 6 min 38.8 s.
Solar eclipse of July 22, 2009Solar eclipse of August 1, 2008Solar eclipse of January 15, 2010Solar eclipse of February 7, 2008

Question 3: 2004 Tour de France - started in Belgium Li├Ęge, Belgium (winner United States ________)
Lance ArmstrongGreg LeMondBernard HinaultEddy Merckx

Question 4: The ________ has warned of a possible coming flu pandemic resulting from bird flu mutations.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionSwitzerlandWorld Health Organization

Question 5: The tagline of ________ series one is: "The 21st century is when everything changes.
TorchwoodK-9 and CompanyDoctor WhoThe Sarah Jane Adventures

Question 6: ________ is won by Manchester United
2008 FIFA Club World Cup2008 FIFA Club World Cup Final2008 FIFA Club World Cup squadsFIFA Club World Cup goalscorers

Question 7: ________ are making traditional film cameras virtually obsolete.
Digital cameraRGB color modelDigital photographyDigital single-lens reflex camera

Question 8: Tuesday, June 8, 2004: First ________ for 122 years.
Geology of VenusTransit of VenusObservations and explorations of VenusAtmosphere of Venus

Question 9: 2001 Tour de France - started in France Dunkerque, France (winner United States ________)
Lance ArmstrongBernard HinaultEddy MerckxGreg LeMond

Question 10: ________ is won by Sao Palao
FIFA Club World Cup goalscorers2005 FIFA Club World Championship2005 FIFA Club World Championship Final2005 FIFA Club World Championship squads

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