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Question 1: Nebe himself was quoted, upon investigating the death of Reinhard Heydrich, that the ________ seemed more concerned with reprisals than actually investigating the crime.
Adolf HitlerGestapoNazi GermanyHeinrich Himmler

Question 2: The vacillating General Fromm, however, phoned Field Marshal ________ at the Wolf's Lair and was assured that Hitler was alive.
Adolf HitlerHermann GöringWilhelm KeitelWerner von Blomberg

Question 3: [15] In Vienna, ________, and many other places troops occupied Nazi Party offices and arrested Gauleiters and SS officers.

Question 4: Since 1938, conspiratorial groups planning an overthrow of some kind had existed in the German Army (Wehrmacht Heer) and in the German Military Intelligence Organization (________).
BrandenburgersAbwehrWilhelm CanarisAdolf Hitler

Question 5: Himmler and the ________ were increasingly suspicious of plots against Hitler, and specifically suspected the officers of the General Staff, which was indeed the source of many active conspirators against Hitler's life.
Heinrich HimmlerNazi GermanyGestapoAdolf Hitler

Question 6: Operation Foxley - British plot to assassinate Hitler using a ________
United States Marine CorpsSniperSpecial forcesSniper rifle

Question 7: Nebe's "fall from grace" was considered due to his many years as a civilian police detective and how he saw most SS ________ as incompetent.
Law enforcement officerPark policeSecurity policeCampus police

Question 8: 1951: The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel, with ________ as Rommel[38]
Stanley KubrickJames MasonPeter O'TooleDeborah Kerr

Question 9: The detonator consisted of a thin copper tube containing acid that would take ten minutes to silently eat through wire holding back the firing pin from the ________.
Explosive materialInternal ballisticsCartridge (firearms)Percussion cap

Question 10: Members of the ________ were never seriously recruited into the 20 July plot, since they had sworn a personal oath to Hitler that included service above life itself.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi PartyWaffen-SS

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