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2080s: Quiz


Question 1: The year in which Harrison Bergeron by ________ takes place is 2081.
Slaughterhouse-FiveCat's CradlePlayer PianoKurt Vonnegut

Question 2: ________ (1989): A war for independence breaks out on a colonized Venus in the year 2089.
AnimeAnime News NetworkSyfyVenus Wars

Question 3: ________'s The Crack in Space is set on an overpopulated future Earth circa 2080.
Flow My Tears, the Policeman SaidVALISPhilip K. Dick bibliographyPhilip K. Dick

Question 4: There will be a gay candidate for US president in 2084, according to ________.
The Simpsons (franchise)The SimpsonsBart SimpsonThe Simpsons Movie

Question 5: The Doctor Who audio drama Loups-Garoux is set in ________ in 2080.
BrazilMozambiqueEast TimorPortugal

Question 6: All classified information held by the British Government about the ________ is to be released to the public.
Falkland Islands Defence ForceFalkland IslandsFalkland Islands sovereignty disputeFalklands War

Question 7: The ________ story Warriors of the Deep takes place in 2084.
Doctor WhoTorchwoodCompanion (Doctor Who)The Sarah Jane Adventures

Question 8: 10 November – Transit of Earth as seen from ________.
Phobos (moon)Deimos (moon)Water on MarsMars

Question 9: May–June – ________ broods X (17-year) and XIX (13-year) will emerge simultaneously.
MississippiMagicicadaUnited StatesIndiana

Question 10: The game ________ is set in the year 2080.
Red Faction: GuerrillaRed Faction (series)Red Faction: B.E.A.S.T.Red Faction II

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