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2010 in science: Quiz


Question 1:
  • ________ researchers have developed an artificial pancreas to help regulate blood sugar levels in children with Type 1 diabetes[7].
    University of EdinburghUniversity of BristolUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Cambridge

Question 2: The ________ provides new images of the dwarf planet Pluto, and reveal that it has an ever-changing surface[8].
Great Observatories programJames Webb Space TelescopeSolar and Heliospheric ObservatoryHubble Space Telescope

Question 3: Scientists decipher the genetic code of the hair of a 4,000 year old man in the permafrost of ________.
GreenlandMadeiraAzoresFaroe Islands

Question 4: 1 March – ________ announces that the moon's northern pole contains millions of tons of water ice[23].
NASAHuman spaceflightSpace explorationSpace Race

Question 5: A medical study in the United States of 4,000 nurses reveal that ________ lowers the risk of returning or spreading breast cancer by 50%[18].
DiclofenacAspirinIbuprofenNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Question 6: Final mission of American Space Shuttle (________) is slated to begin.

Question 7: 9 February thru 13 February – The TED conference is held in Palm Springs, ________[10]
Los AngelesCaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 8: 1 February – United States President ________ announces that he will nix NASA's plans to return to the moon by 2020 due to budget reasons[4].
2008 Democratic National Convention2004 Democratic National ConventionJohn EdwardsBarack Obama

Question 9: 11 March – Scientists discover the reasons behind malformed limbs in embryos when exposed to ________[25].

Question 10:
  • Scientists announce that they are on the verge of creating pills that target specific genes in the ________ to increase longevity.
    ChromosomeHuman genomeHuman geneticsY chromosome

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