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2009 Pacific typhoon season: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ also touched down during the storm, destroying the roofs of three homes.
TornadoThunderstormSevere weatherMeteorology

Question 2: Heavy rain from Auring produced severe flooding in the eastern ________.
United StatesPhilippinesPapua New GuineaEast Timor

Question 3: On August 28, an area of convectional cloudiness associated with monsoon trough formed about (620 miles) 1000 km southwest of ________, Japan.
Okinawa PrefectureKagoshima PrefectureYamanashi PrefectureRyukyu Islands

Question 4: On August 27, JMA reported that an area of convectional cloudiness associated with monsoon through formed about 720 km (450 mi), to the southeast of ________, Japan.
Misawa Air BaseRaising the Flag on Iwo JimaIra HayesIwo Jima

Question 5: On November 23, PAGASA announced that a low pressure area east of ________ had developed into a Tropical Depression and had been named "Urduja".
ManilaPhilippinesMindanaoAutonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

Question 6: It had re-emerged back into the ________ and remained nearly stationary.
Timor SeaJava SeaCelebes SeaSouth China Sea

Question 7: On September 28, an area of convectional cloudiness formed 370 km (250 mi) to the northeast of ________.
ChuukPohnpeiNan MadolKosrae

Question 8: Later on May 7, Kujira weakened further, becoming a fully ________ .
Extratropical cyclonePrecipitation (meteorology)AnticycloneThunderstorm

Question 9: [90][93] Later that day the JTWC reported that Soudelor had weakened into a depression; however they re-upgraded it to a tropical storm as it moved closer to ________.
HainanHong KongYunnanBeijing

Question 10: Tropical depressions that form in this basin are given a number with a "W" suffix by the United States' ________.
Joint Typhoon Warning CenterRegional Specialized Meteorological CenterGuamTropical cyclone


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