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2008 Pacific typhoon season: Quiz


Question 1: The name Phanfone was submitted by ________ and is the name of an animal.

Question 2: [25][26] The cyclone made landfall as a weak tropical storm on ________ province in southern China,[27] and the final advisories from both agencies were issued shortly after.
GuangdongGuangzhouCantonese (Yue)Shenzhen

Question 3: In the second week of January, a disturbance south-west of the ________ slowly developed.
East TimorUnited StatesPapua New GuineaPhilippines

Question 4: The remnants of Tropical Storm Kika from the central Pacific basin crossed the ________ on August 14.
Prime MeridianInternational Date LineLongitudeTime zone

Question 5: [111] The ________ (JTWC) then initiated issuing advisories on the Tropical Depression designating it as Tropical Depression 09W.
Joint Typhoon Warning CenterTropical cycloneGuamRegional Specialized Meteorological Center

Question 6: As Higos neared landfall, it suddenly relocated, paralleling the northeastern coast of ________, China.
BeijingYunnanHong KongHainan

Question 7: Early the next day the JMA started to issue full advisories on the Tropical Depression with the ________ (JTWC) starting to issue warnings on the Tropical Depression with the JTWC designating it as Tropical Depression 10W.
GuamTropical cycloneJoint Typhoon Warning CenterRegional Specialized Meteorological Center

Question 8: [209] On December 8, the storm gained more tropical characteristics, thus JMA defined it as a ________.
Tropical cycloneRainTropical cyclone basinsEye (cyclone)

Question 9: [131] Early the next day Tropical Storm Kammuri emerged into the Gulf of Tonkin, however later that day Kammuri made landfall again in the ________ of China.
YizhouRongshui Miao Autonomous CountyGuangxiPingxiang, Guangxi

Question 10: Early on August 12 the JMA identified a weak tropical depression which was located to the northwest of the ________, and initiated warnings on it.
Ryukyu IslandsJapanOkinawa PrefectureTokyo


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