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2008 Andean diplomatic crisis: Quiz


Question 1: [95] On ________, an OAS resolution stated that the Colombian incursion was a violation of Ecuadorian sovereignty, stopping short of condemning the Colombian government for the operation.
March 4March 6January 1March 16

Question 2: Kidnappings in Colombia
Military history of the FARC-EPSouthern Bloc of the FARC-EPRevolutionary Armed Forces of ColombiaList of political hostages held by FARC

Question 3: According to the document, Chupeta had "contacts" in ________ and his organization would handle the transport with two options: via Europe or via Mexico.

Question 4: Colombian troop movements from ________ to the border area began on February 29.
CaliValle del Cauca DepartmentGran ColombiaColombian Spanish

Question 5: The ________ also held a press conference, at which it revealed a series of documents taken from the guerillas, which allegedly implicated both Venezuela and Ecuador in FARC activities.
Colombian National PoliceColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Search BlocNational Front (Colombia)

Question 6: The data included personal pictures of Raul Reyes and the ________ camp that was bombed in the attack.
Al-QaedaIslamic terrorismPakistan and state terrorismTerrorism

Question 7: It also refers to a request from French President ________ to Chávez, asking Marulanda to receive his emissary Noe, who FARC believes to be from French intelligence.
Angela MerkelSilvio BerlusconiJacques ChiracNicolas Sarkozy

Question 8: Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Manuel Santos said that the operation of Colombian troops could have been avoided had there been better cooperation from ________.

Question 9: In 2007, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba were acting as authorised mediators in the ongoing ________ between the FARC and the government of Colombia.
2008 Andean diplomatic crisisHumanitarian exchangeColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Operation Emmanuel

Question 10: In a ten-hour emergency meeting on the afternoon March 4, of the Permanent Council of the ________, Ecuador urged the OAS to condemn Colombia's violation of its territorial integrity.
Latin American integrationAssociation of Caribbean StatesCaribbean CommunityOrganization of American States

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