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Question 1: ________Yegor Letov, Russian singer (b.
March 4February 19February 12January 1

Question 2: June 2 – A car bomb explodes outside the Danish embassy in ________, Pakistan, killing at least five.

Question 3: ________Hrvoje Ćustić, Croatian footballer (b.
March 4April 1April 3January 1

Question 4: ________Antonio José González Zumárraga, Ecuadorian cardinal (b.
October 13July 20January 1March 4

Question 5: ________Paul Frère, Belgian racing driver (b.
February 23February 1March 4January 1

Question 6: ________Suzanne Pleshette, American actress (b.
March 4January 20January 22January 19

Question 7: However, the US government is unsure how to execute him; an ________, a gas chamber, a firing squad, and hanging are all tried – none of which work.
Lethal injectionTortureElectric chairCapital punishment

Question 8: ________John Archibald Wheeler, American theoretical physicist (b.
April 13July 20March 4January 1

Question 9: June 29________, American actor (b.
Stargate UniverseDon S. DavisStargate AtlantisStargate SG-1

Question 10: ________Jörg Haider, Austrian politician (b.
March 4October 12January 1October 11

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