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2007–2008 Nazko earthquakes: Quiz


Question 1: [3] The character of the ________ indicate that the swarm originated from a magmatic source.
Rayleigh waveEarthquakeSeismologySeismic wave

Question 2: [3] It could have formed as a result of rock fracturing at the tip of a dike and/or by movement along fault planes due to changes in the local stress field by the expansion and movement of ________.
MagmaIgneous rockBasaltGranite

Question 3: [2] Carbon dioxide is usually discharged at faults in volcanically active areas and can collect in soil and under ________.
MeteorologySnowPrecipitation (meteorology)Rain

Question 4: [8] Hickson said that a Nazko eruption could be a tourist attraction, but warned that noxious gases such as ________ and sulfur dioxide would be released during the event.
Carbon sinkGreenhouse gasCarbon dioxideCarbon cycle

Question 5: This is an east-west trending 600 km (370 mi) long line of volcanoes that extends from just north of ________ to near the small city of Quesnel.
Victoria, British ColumbiaEsquimalt, British ColumbiaPort Alberni, British ColumbiaVancouver Island

Question 6: The swarm of earthquakes is unique in that it constitutes the only recorded seismicity in the Canadian Cordillera away from the ________.
British Columbia CoastDiscovery IslandsVancouver IslandVictoria, British Columbia

Question 7: [2] Immediate hazards related to cinder cone eruptions in the Nazko area likely would be forest fires and, if an ________ were produced, redirection of nearby air traffic.
Eruption columnMount PinatuboVolcanoClimate change

Question 8: The 2007–2008 Nazko earthquakes were a series of small earthquakes measuring less than 4.0 on the ________.
Surface wave magnitude2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeRichter magnitude scaleMoment magnitude scale


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