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2006 Israel–Gaza conflict: Quiz


Question 1: Main article: ________
See also Timeline up to 2006 Gaza crisis
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictGaza–Israel conflictIsrael's unilateral disengagement planPalestine Liberation Organization

Question 2: On July 14, 2006, Hundreds crossed the Gaza-________ border, into the Gaza strip from Egypt, after Palestinians blew a hole in the wall separating Gaza and Egypt.

Question 3: The political context of this exchange of fire was an internal struggle in the Palestinian territories between Hamas and the old ruling party, ________.
Palestine Liberation OrganizationIsrael's unilateral disengagement planSecond IntifadaFatah

Question 4: On June 25, 2006, armed Palestinians crossed the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel via a makeshift tunnel and attacked an ________ post.
Military Police Corps (Israel)Lebanese Armed ForcesIsrael Defense ForcesIsraeli Air Force

Question 5: UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator ________ said, "No one can hide from us what they’re doing, neither the Palestinian nor the Israeli side.
Norwegian Red CrossNorwayJan EgelandDecember 2004

Question 6: The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades later announced that they had captured a third Israeli, Noach Moskovich from the central Israeli city of ________.
RamlaRishon LeZionNetanyaPetah Tikva

Question 7: Focus: Israel and the Palestinians - ________
Al JazeeraFox News ChannelCNNAl Jazeera English

Question 8: ________
Israeli–Palestinian conflictGaza–Israel conflictHamasPalestinian rocket attacks on Israel

Question 9: ________ - Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attacks on the bridges and power plant saying that "attacking civil infrastructure [is] a collective punishment against [the] Palestinian people and a humanitarian crime".
FatahSecond IntifadaHamasPalestine Liberation Organization

Question 10: Following disengagement in 2005, Qassam rockets continued to be fired out of Gaza into Israel, and the pace of the attacks quickened in 2006 following the victory of the Islamist group ________ in Palestinian legislative elections in 2006.
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictSecond IntifadaPalestinian rocket attacks on IsraelHamas


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