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2006 Duke University lacrosse case: Quiz


Question 1: Gary Wells, an ________ professor and expert on police identification procedures replied that memory does not get better with time.
Stanford UniversityFlorida State UniversityIowa State UniversityLouisiana State University

Question 2: Leykis has disclosed identities of accusers of ________ in the past.
Sexual assaultRapeSexual abuseProstitution

Question 3: [citation needed] Some of the players suggested that the e-mail was conceived as humorous ________.
IronyGreek mythologyLiterary techniqueSelf-fulfilling prophecy

Question 4: ________ returned to Duke in 2007.
Zack GreerMatt DanowskiLong Island LizardsMichael Powell (lacrosse)

Question 5: According to a ________ investigation, the accuser gave at least a dozen different stories.
20/20Dan RatherCBS60 Minutes

Question 6: The lacrosse team, reinstated for the 2007 season, reached the ________ Finals as the #1 seed.
Big Ten ConferenceCollege basketballNational Collegiate Athletic AssociationDivision I

Question 7: Partly obscured photos of Mangum at the party were broadcast by The Abrams Report on cable news channel ________ and by local television affiliate NBC 17 WNCN in North Carolina.

Question 8: [66] She also has taken anti-psychotic medications such as ________.

Question 9: This activity, or a ________, might account for the swelling.
CoccidioidomycosisCandidiasisOral candidiasisAthlete's foot

Question 10: The Blue Devils lost to the ________ Blue Jays in the championship, 12-11.
Johns Hopkins UniversityFlorida State UniversityCarnegie Mellon UniversityStanford University

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