2005 civil unrest in France: Quiz

Question 1: The same day, ________, a famous soccer player and member of the Higher Council for Integration, blamed Sarkozy.
Lilian ThuramZinedine ZidanePatrick VieiraThierry Henry

Question 2: ________, another example of civil unrest.
Los Angeles Police DepartmentRodney KingCalifornia1992 Los Angeles riots

Question 3: A daycare centre in ________ and a tourist agency in Fontenay-sous-Bois were also attacked.

Question 4: ^  Renewal of state of emergency (article from ________)
Le Monde diplomatiqueFrançois MitterrandNewspaperLe Monde

Question 5: Sarkozy also suspended eight police officers for beating up someone they had arrested after TV displayed the images of this act of ________.
IntimidationPolice brutalityBullyingPrisoner abuse

Question 6: ^  "Each night between 40 and 60 cars are torched" according to the Council of State in "________ #4442, 14 December 2005.
Jacques ChiracLe Canard enchaînéMichel RocardGeorges Pompidou

Question 7: The families of the two youths killed, after refusing to meet with Sarkozy, met with Prime Minister ________.
Dominique de VillepinGaston DoumergueAlain JuppéArmand Fallières

Question 8: Eighteen buses were damaged by arson at a depot in ________.

Question 9: Some French media sources, including ________, have decided not to report the extent of damage to avoid any risk of inflaming the situation.
France 2France 3TF1Télé Monte Carlo

Question 10: President ________ announced a national state of emergency on 8 November.
Dominique de VillepinCharles de GaulleJacques ChiracGeorges Pompidou

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/2005_civil_unrest_in_France)