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2005 Pacific typhoon season: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ initiated a warning for it at 0000 UTC the same day, and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Longwang six hours later.
Joint Typhoon Warning CenterTropical cycloneGuamRegional Specialized Meteorological Center

Question 2: Storms that form east of the date line and north of the equator are called hurricanes; see ________.
2006 Pacific hurricane season2009 Pacific hurricane season2008 Pacific hurricane season2005 Pacific hurricane season

Question 3: The city of Taizhou, ________ bore the initial brunt of the storm as it was close the where the storm made landfall, 220 km south of Shanghai.

Question 4: Typhoon Haitang made landfall near Hualien, ________ at 0000 UTC (0800 HKT) on the morning of July 18.
Taiwanese peopleTaiwanese aboriginesPhilippinesTaiwan

Question 5: Haitang made landfall for the second time near ________ China on July 19 at 1200 UTC (2000 HKT).

Question 6: ________
2005 North Indian Ocean cyclone season2008 North Indian Ocean cyclone season2009 North Indian Ocean cyclone season2007 North Indian Ocean cyclone season

Question 7: The name Saola comes from saola, a newly discovered endangered species in ________.
VietnamPhilippinesEast TimorPapua New Guinea

Question 8: Severe Tropical Storm Banyan formed from a tropical disturbance about 300 nautical miles (550 km) north of ________ on the evening of July 21 at 1200 UTC (2100 JST).

Question 9: Tropical Depression 13W formed on the afternoon of August 26 at 0600 UTC northeast of the island of ________.

Question 10: PAGASA stopped issuing advisories for the storm near ________ on July 20.
JiangxiNanchangYushan CountyYingtan


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