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2003 in Afghanistan: Quiz


Question 1: bases in Paktika province and ________ came under rocket attacks, but there were no casualties.
AfghanistanGhazni ProvinceKandahar ProvinceHerat Province

Question 2: The bomb appeared to be operated by ________.
TeletextRemote controlPersonal computerRadio control

Question 3: Afghanistan and UNICEF announced a program to re-train thousands of teachers, particularly women forced out of work during the ________ regime.
Islamic terrorismAl-QaedaTalibanAbu Sayyaf

Question 4: The United Nations confirmed reports of new Taliban training camps in eastern ________.
AfghanistanNon-Aligned MovementNATOCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Iranian Minister of Commerce Mohammad Shariatmadari arrived in ________ to inaugurate Iran's first executive industrial and commercial exhibition in Afghanistan.

Question 6: In ________, only 10% of the 150 public taps were working.

Question 7: In the Lalpura district, about 50 kilometres east of ________, local officials arrested a man carrying 20 home-made bombs.

Question 8: announced the resumption of the ________ for Afghanistan.
Jimmy CarterStony Brook UniversityFulbright ProgramDuke University

Question 9: President Karzai urged the international community not to abandon Afghanistan in the event of a U.S.-led war on ________.

Question 10: Ruud Lubbers, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, traveled by road from Kabul to Mazari Sharif and met with warlords ________, Atta Mohammed and Ustad Sayeedi.
Mohammad NajibullahAbdul Rashid DostumGulbuddin HekmatyarAfghanistan

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