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2000s energy crisis: Quiz


Question 1: This could potentially be the case if a major storm were to hit the ________, where the reserve is located.
Caribbean SeaAtlantic OceanGulf of MexicoMediterranean Sea

Question 2: ________
2000s energy crisis2003 to 2008 world oil market chronologyPetroleumPeak oil

Question 3: To avoid creating outright shortages, attempts at price control may require some sort of ________ scheme.
United KingdomRationing in the United KingdomCubaRationing

Question 4: On July 26, 2008, the ________ passed the Energy Markets Emergency Act of 2008 (H.R.
State governments of the United StatesUnited States CongressUnited States SenateUnited States House of Representatives

Question 5: This was due to a tight the quantitative relationship of diminishing returns with increasing drilling effort: as drilling effort increased, the energy obtained per active ________ was reduced according to a severely diminishing power law.
MiningDrilling rigOil wellDrilling fluid

Question 6: Technologies for telecommuting, such as videoconferencing, ________, and corporate wikis, continue to improve, in keeping with the overall improvement in information technologies ascribed to Moore's law.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolEmail clientE-mailOutlook Express

Question 7: Thriving economies such as China and ________ are quickly becoming large oil consumers.
IndiaLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 8: This method accounts for the amount that a dollar can buy (of electronics or food for example) compared to the amount another currency, such as a ________ or pound sterling, can purchase.
European Central BankEurozoneDanish kroneEuro

Question 9: “Eighty-five million barrels of oil a day is all the world can produce, and the demand is 87 m,” Mr Pickens said in an interview with ________.
Fox News ChannelCNBCBloomberg TelevisionCNN

Question 10: In June 2008, Alexei Miller, head of Russian energy giant ________, warned that the price of oil is likely to hit $250 a barrel sometime in 2009.
Gazprom NeftAvtoVAZGazpromLukoil


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