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1st Panzer Army (Germany): Quiz


Question 1: In January 1943, von Mackensen's First Panzer Army became attached to Army Group Don under Field Marshal ________.
Walter ModelErich von MansteinErwin RommelAlbert Kesselring

Question 2: In April 1941, Panzer Group Kleist took part in the invasion of ________ as part of Field Marshal Maximilian von Weichs's Second Army.
Josip Broz TitoSerbiaYugoslaviaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 3: Colonel-General ________ (October 29, 1943 - April 21, 1944)
Hans-Valentin HubeGotthard HeinriciJohannes BlaskowitzPaul Hausser

Question 4: Panzer Group 1 served on the southern sector of the Eastern Front against the ________ and was involved the Battle of Brody which involved as many as 1,000 Red Army tanks.
Soviet Armed ForcesJoseph StalinRussiaRed Army

Question 5: In May 1941, Panzer Group Kleist became Panzer Group 1 (Panzergruppe 1), which was attached to Field Marshal ________'s Army Group South at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa.
Gerd von RundstedtGünther von KlugeErwin RommelAlbert Kesselring

Question 6: On October 6, 1941, Panzer Group 1 was enlarged to the 1st Panzer Army following the fall of ________, with von Kleist still in command.

Question 7: Colonel-General ________ (August 15, 1944 - March 19, 1945)
Johannes BlaskowitzGotthard HeinriciHans-Valentin HubePaul Hausser

Question 8: In March 1944, two Soviet tank armies broke through in the Ukraine and threatened to cut off the First Panzer Army and the Eighth Army from the ________ and Fourth Panzer Armies.
Waffen-SSNazi PartySchutzstaffelAdolf Hitler

Question 9: After July 1944 it withdrew from Ukraine and ________ before fighting with Army Group A in Slovakia (Battle of the Dukla Pass).

Question 10: By that time German troops had been pulled out from the ________, and the Soviets were threatening Warsaw.

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