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1st Mountain Division (Germany): Quiz


Question 1: [2] With Felix cancelled, the division was transferred East, where it took part in the ________ in April 1941 as part of the 2nd Army.
Invasion of YugoslaviaTimeline of World War II (1941)World War IIGerman-occupied Europe

Question 2: The 1st Mountain Division participated in ________.
Operation BarbarossaEastern Front (World War II)Operation BagrationWorld War II

Question 3: [1][5] In May 1942, they fought in the Second Battle of Kharkov and then participated in the offensive through southern Russia and into the ________ (Operation Edelweiss).
AsiaGeorgia (country)CaucasusEurope

Question 4: In a symbolic propaganda move, on 21 August, they sent a detachment to raise the German flag on ________.
Mount ElbrusMount KazbekMount EtnaDykh-Tau

Question 5: General der Gebirgstruppen ________ (25 Oct 1940 - 1 Jan 1942)
Hubert LanzEastern Front (World War II)Erich von Manstein1st Mountain Division (Germany)

Question 6: Soldiers from the division took part in the murder of 32 officers and an estimated 100 soldiers from the Italian 151 Infantry Division Perugia in ________ following the Italian surrender.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaAlbaniaSerbia

Question 7: On 30 June, they captured ________.
Ivano-FrankivskLvivKievLviv Oblast

Question 8: Elements from the division took part in the murder of thousands of Italians from the ________ in September 1943 on the Greek island of Cefalonia following the Italian surrender.
33 Mountain Infantry Division Acqui37 Mountain Infantry Division Modena41 Infantry Division Firenze20 Infantry Division Friuli

Question 9: The 1st Mountain Division fought in the Invasion of Poland as a part of Army Group South and distinguished itself during fighting in the ________ [1].
Carpathian MountainsCluj-NapocaTransylvaniaRomania

Question 10: ________, Military unit, List of German divisions in WWII
RegimentCorpsBritish ArmyDivision (military)


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