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19th century philosophy: Quiz


Question 1: One of the first philosophers to attempt to grapple with Kant's philosophy was ________, whose development of Kantian metaphysics became a source of inspiration for the Romantics.
Arthur SchopenhauerGerman idealismJohann Gottlieb FichteGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 2: ________, the self-professed founder of modern sociology, put forward the view that the rigorous ordering of confirmable observations alone ought to constitute the realm of human knowledge.
Relationship between religion and sciencePositivismAuguste ComteJürgen Habermas

Question 3: ________
Friedrich NietzscheList of philosophers born in the nineteenth centuryWilliam JamesBertrand Russell

Question 4: Pressures for ________, and more rapid change culminated in a period of revolution and turbulence that would see philosophy change as well.
SlaveryTortureUniversal suffrageEgalitarianism

Question 5: In early 19th century Britain, ________ and John Stuart Mill promoted the idea that actions are right as they maximize pleasure and minimize pain.
Immanuel KantDavid HumeJeremy BenthamUtilitarianism

Question 6: ________, rejecting Hegel, called for a return to Kantian idealism.
ExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheArthur Schopenhauer

Question 7: Transcendentalism was rooted in Immanuel Kant's transcendence and ________, lead by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.
Friedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur SchopenhauerGerman idealism

Question 8: But it was another of Fichte's students, and former roommate of Schelling, who would rise to become the most prominent of the post-Kantian idealists: ________.
Immanuel KantFriedrich NietzscheThomas AquinasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 9: In the ________ the philosophies of The Enlightenment began to have a dramatic effect, the landmark works of philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and Jean-Jacques Rousseau influencing a new generation of thinkers.
19th century18th centuryEugène DelacroixRomanticism

Question 10: ________, a student of Fichte, continued to develop many of the same ideas and was also assimilated by the Romantics as something of an official philosopher for their movement.
AristotleJürgen HabermasImmanuel KantFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

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