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1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak: Quiz


Question 1: The next category 5 tornado occurred on May 4, 2007 in ________ during the May 2007 Tornado Outbreak and killed 11 people.
Kiowa Rural Township, Kiowa County, KansasHaviland, KansasGreensburg, KansasMullinville, Kansas

Question 2:
1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak, 1999 Salt Lake City tornado and Tornadoes of 1999 are all:
Oklahoma tornadoes Tornadoes of 1999 1999 in the United States Kansas tornadoes

Question 3: Since February 1, 2007 the National Weather Service has used the ________ to rate tornadoes, and the Greensburg tornado was recorded as the first EF5 tornado.
Enhanced Fujita ScaleTORRO scaleSaffir–Simpson Hurricane ScaleTornado intensity and damage

Question 4: The most significant tornado first touched down southwest of ________, and became an F5 before dissipating over Midwest City, Oklahoma.
Chandler, OklahomaChickasha, OklahomaShawnee, OklahomaEl Reno, Oklahoma

Question 5: The May 3 tornado event was part of a 3-day event that included tornadoes in the states of ________, Texas and Tennessee.

Question 6: The event killed 1 person in Texas on May 4 and then killed four in ________ on Wednesday and Thursday[citation needed].
TennesseeArkansasGeorgia (U.S. state)Alabama

Question 7: Large ________ thunderstorms developed and in the late afternoon through the mid-evening hours of that Monday, tornadoes began to break out across the state.
North DakotaCumulonimbus cloudConvective storm detectionSupercell

Question 8: This article concentrates on the events on May 3, when 66 ________ broke out in Oklahoma and Kansas.
ThunderstormSevere weatherMeteorologyTornado

Question 9: Warnings were issued well in advance of the tornado's arrival, and the Oklahoma City broadcast media interrupted programming to follow the storms on radar and even by ________.

Question 10: The most significant tornado of the outbreak touched down just southwest of the community of Amber, ________ and headed northeast, parallel to Interstate 44, just after another tornado had passed over the airport in Chickasha.


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