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Question 1: These mudflows traveled down the north and south forks of the Toutle River and joined at the confluence of the Toutle forks and the ________ near Castle Rock, Washington, at 1:00 p.m.
Columbia RiverCowlitz RiverLewis County, WashingtonCascade Range

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Map of ash distribution over the United States.
  Photo showing the cryptodome on April 27.
  The growing third dome on October 24, 1980.
  Photo showing the cryptodome on April 27.

Question 3: ________ generated from ash clouds rolling down the volcano sent out lightning bolts that were up to two miles (3 km) long.
ElectrostaticsStatic electricityElectric chargeOzone

Question 4: [21] Most of the 57 people known to have died in that day's eruption succumbed to ________ while several died from burns.
Decompression sicknessHypoxia (medical)Altitude sicknessAsphyxia

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Computer graphic showing the May 18 landslide (green) being overtaken by the initial pyroclastic flow (red).
  Photographer Reid Blackburn's car after the eruption.
  Mount St. Helens from Monitor Ridge showing the cone of devastation, the huge crater open to the north, the post-eruption lava dome inside and Crater Glacier surrounding the lava dome. The small photo on the left was taken from Spirit Lake before the eruption and the small photo on the right was taken after the eruption from approximately the same place. Spirit Lake can also be seen in the larger image, as well as two other Cascade volcanoes.
  USGS photo showing a pre-avalanche eruption on April 10.

Question 6: [5] A refined estimate of $1.1 billion ($2.74 billion in 2007 dollars[30]) was determined in a study by the International Trade Commission at the request of the ________.
United States Congress111th United States CongressUnited States Senate110th United States Congress

Question 7: The ________ and the State of Washington opened visitor centers and provided access for people to view the volcano's devastation.
Foreign Agricultural ServiceCenter for Nutrition Policy and PromotionNational Park ServiceUnited States Forest Service

Question 8: The downriver areas were impacted by the ________ and dramatic changes in the flood zones.
NetherlandsFlood controlFloodHurricane Katrina

Question 9: The hot, exploding material also broke apart and melted nearly all of the mountain's ________ along with most of the overlying snow.
GlacierLittle Ice AgeCurrent sea level riseIce sheet

Question 10: ________ burst through the trailing part of the landslide, blasting rock debris northward.
SunExplosionExplosive materialEnergy


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