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1979 energy crisis: Quiz


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  • the 1980s oil glut caused the world price of oil, which had peaked during the 1979 energy crisis at over US$35 per barrel, to dip below US$15 in the early 1980s?

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Question 1: Several months later, in January 1980, Carter issued the ________, which declared that any interference with U.S.
Domino theoryNixon DoctrineReagan DoctrineCarter Doctrine

Question 2: However, the panels were removed in 1986, reportedly for roof maintenance, during the administration of his successor, ________, and were never replaced.
Gerald FordGeorge H. W. BushRonald ReaganRichard Nixon

Question 3: Several states actually implemented odd-even gas rationing, including Pennsylvania, ________, and Texas.
New JerseyFloridaDelawareMassachusetts

Question 4: Ending of price controls allowed the US and Europe to get more oil from Prudhoe Bay and the ________.
North SeaEnglish ChannelAtlantic OceanBaltic Sea

Question 5: Hence, long lines appeared at gas stations, as they had six years earlier during the ________.
1973 oil crisisUnited StatesPetroleumIran

Question 6: Richard Nixon had imposed price controls on domestic oil, which had helped cause shortages that led to gasoline lines during the ________.
1973 oil crisisUnited StatesIranPetroleum

Question 7: oil interests in the ________ would be considered an attack on the vital interests of the United States.
Caspian SeaIndian OceanAtlantic OceanPersian Gulf

Question 8: The ________ administration began a phased deregulation of oil prices on April 5, 1979, when the average price of crude oil was US$15.85 per barrel (42 US gallons).
Jimmy CarterLyndon B. JohnsonJohn F. KennedyHarry S. Truman

Question 9: GM's ________ division experimented with their V8-6-4 power plant (the ancestor of the modern-day Active Fuel Management and/or variable displacement), which was a market failure.
CadillacBuickChevroletGeneral Motors

Question 10: Saudi Arabia and other ________ nations, under the presidency of Dr. Mana Alotaiba increased production to offset the decline, and the overall loss in production was about 4 percent.
2000s energy crisisOPECPetroleumPeak oil


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