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1977 Soviet Constitution: Quiz


Question 1: The Constitution and other legislation protected and enforced Soviet ________.
LawHonorary Canadian citizenshipCitizenshipAncient Greece

Question 2: Several professionals criticized the project of the Constitution of 1977[1], but such critiques were not taken into account and were not published in time; during the ________, only publications in favor were allowed.
Ronald ReaganPerestroikaBrezhnev stagnationBoris Yeltsin

Question 3: The Soviet Union also signed the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (________), which mandated that internationally recognized human rights be respected in the signatory countries.
Helsinki AccordsPolandHungaryOrganization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Question 4: Article 6 effectively eliminated organized opposition to the government by granting to the ________ the power to lead and guide society.
East GermanyMarxismCommunist Party of the Soviet UnionCommunism

Question 5: Unlike ________ democratic constitutions, the Soviet Constitution placed limitations on political rights, whereas in bourgeois democratic countries these limitations are usually left up to the federal legislative or judicial systems, or state constitutions and their corresponding executive, legislative and judicial systems.
BourgeoisieSocial classWorking classRuling class

Question 6: Until the era of ________, freedom of expression did not entail the right to criticize the government.
GlasnostMikhail GorbachevPerestroikaLech Wałęsa

Question 7: At the Seventh (Special) Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Ninth Convocation on October 7, 1977, the third and last Soviet Constitution, also known as the "________ Constitution", was unanimously adopted.
Mikhail GorbachevYuri AndropovLeonid BrezhnevJoseph Stalin

Question 8: The first chapter defined the leading role of the ________ (CPSU) and established principles for the management of the state and the government.
Communist Party of the Soviet UnionEast GermanyMarxismCommunism

Question 9: The difference is that, according to the new Constitution, the government no longer represented the ________ and peasants alone.
ConcreteConstructionHeavy equipment (construction)Laborer


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