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1973 Chilean coup d'état: Quiz


Question 1: [6][7] After the coup Pinochet established a military dictatorship that ruled Chile until 1990 and that was marked by severe ________ violations.
TortureReproductive rightsCultureHuman rights

Question 2: The worst of the military's violent purging from society of thousands of Chilean Leftists, both real and suspected — by killing or ________ — occurred in the first months after the coup d’état'.
Human rightsBlack siteExtraordinary rendition by the United StatesForced disappearance

Question 3: Leigh ordered the presidential palace bombed, but was told the ________ jet aeroplanes would take forty minutes to arrive and bomb down town Santiago.
Hawker Sea HawkBlackburn BuccaneerHawker HunterHawker Siddeley Harrier

Question 4: President ________ via the CIA.
Gerald FordRichard NixonGeorge H. W. BushRonald Reagan

Question 5: [34] Chilean song-writer Víctor Jara, and other 70 political killings were perpetrated by the death squad, ________ (Caravana de la Muerte) in October 1973.
Archives of TerrorOperation CondorDINACaravan of Death

Question 6: The Chilean coup d'état of 1973 was a watershed event in the history of Chile and the Soviet-American ________.
Cold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarJoseph Stalin

Question 7: President Allende died in La Moneda during the ________.
SiegeWarCoup d'étatChemical warfare

Question 8: ________ - took power in 1973 coup
Salvador AllendePope John Paul IIFidel CastroAugusto Pinochet

Question 9: ________ - deposed by 1973 coup
Augusto PinochetFidel CastroSalvador AllendeJohn F. Kennedy

Question 10: According to the Mitrokhin Archive, the KGB and the Cuban ________ launched a disinformation campaign following the coup.
Secretaría de InteligenciaCentral Intelligence AgencyIntelligence DirectorateDefense Intelligence Agency


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