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1973–75 recession: Quiz


Question 1: It differed from many previous recessions as being a stagflation, where high unemployment coincided with high ________.
EconomicsKeynesian economicsMoneyInflation

Question 2: The 1973–75 recession in the United States or 1970s recession was a period of economic stagnation in much of the Western world during the ________, putting an end to the general post-World War II economic boom.

Question 3: The recession also lasted from 1973–75 in the ________.
WalesUnited KingdomEnglandCanada

Question 4: During this recession, the ________ of the United States fell 3.2 percent.
EconomyEconomicsJEL classification codesGross domestic product

Question 5: The emergence of ________ increased competition in the metal industry, triggering a steel crisis, where industrial core areas in North America and Europe were forced to re-structure.
Next ElevenEmerging marketsNewly industrialized countryNon-Aligned Movement

Question 6: Among the causes were the Vietnam War, which turned out to be costly, economically, for the United States of America, the ________ and the fall of the Bretton Woods system.
1973 oil crisisIranPetroleumIsrael


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