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1973–1974 stock market crash: Quiz


Question 1: [4] From a position of 5.1% real GDP growth in 1972, the UK went into ________ in 1974, with GDP falling by 1.1%.
RecessionInflationKeynesian economicsBusiness cycle

Question 2: [2] The crash came after the collapse of the ________ over the previous two years, with the associated 'Nixon Shock' and United States dollar devaluation under the Smithsonian Agreement.
Central bankBretton Woods systemInternational Monetary FundFederal Reserve System

Question 3: The Hong Kong ________ also fell from 1,800 in early 1973 to close to 300.
China National Offshore Oil CorporationHang Seng IndexChina UnicomChina Shenhua Energy Company

Question 4: 1973 had been expected to be even better, with ________ reporting, just 3 days before the crash began, that it was 'shaping up as a gilt-edged year'.
The New YorkerNewsweekNational ReviewTime (magazine)

Question 5: Although ________'s market was the fastest to recover, returning to the original nominal level within eighteen months, it did not return to the same real level until June 1985.
German EmpireWest GermanyAllied-occupied GermanyEast Germany

Question 6: The Hong Kong TVB series ________ storyline revolves around the market crash.
Ting Hai effectThe Greed of ManTelevision Broadcasts LimitedAdam Cheng

Question 7: Affecting all the major stock markets in the world, particularly the ________,[1] it was one of the worst stock market downturns in modern history.
United KingdomWalesCanadaEngland

Question 8: [1] At the time, the UK's property market was going through a major crisis, and a secondary banking crisis forced the ________ to bail out a number of lenders.
Greater LondonPound sterlingBank of EnglandEuropean Central Bank

Question 9: It was compounded by the outbreak of the ________ in October of that year.
United StatesPetroleum1973 oil crisisIran

Question 10: Worse was the effect in the United Kingdom, and particularly on the ________'s FT 30, which lost 73% of its value during the crash.
EnglandPound sterlingNorthern IrelandLondon Stock Exchange


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