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1971 Bangladesh atrocities: Quiz


Question 1: Rummel goes on to collate what he considers the most credible estimates published by others into what he calls ________.
DemocideAssassinationTorture murderMass murder

Question 2: policy in ________ between 1961 and 1972.
South AsiaIndiaBrāhmī scriptPunjabi language

Question 3: Most of the girls were captured from ________ and private homes.
Kazi Nazrul IslamBengal RenaissanceUniversity of DhakaVisva-Bharati University

Question 4: Bangladeshi sources cite a figure of 200,000 women raped, giving birth to thousands of ________.
World War IIWar childrenHeinrich HimmlerNazi Germany

Question 5: There is a great disparity in the casualty figures put forth by Pakistan on one hand (25,000, as reported in the ________[26]) and India and Bangladesh on the other hand.
Zulfikar Ali BhuttoHamoodur Rahman CommissionBangladesh Liberation WarPervez Musharraf

Question 6: The Office of the Historian of the ________ held a two-day conference in late June 2005 on U.S.
Under Secretary of State for ManagementUnited States Secretary of StateBureau of Diplomatic SecurityUnited States Department of State

Question 7: Between December 1970 and March 1971, Bengali nationalists subjected non-Bengali minorities, especially ________, to systematic persecution.
IndiaBihari peopleBihari culturePatna

Question 8: Alim Chowdhury (Ophthalmologist), Shahidullah Kaiser (Journalist), Nizamuddin Ahmed (Journalist), Selina Parvin (Journalist), Altaf Mahmud (Lyricist and musician), ________ (Politician) and Ranadaprasad Saha (Philanthropist).
Bengali Language MovementBengali nationalismEast PakistanDhirendranath Datta

Question 9: official as saying "It is the most incredible, calculated thing since the days of the ________ in Poland."[1]
Adolf HitlerNeo-NazismNazismFascism

Question 10: ________ is the term that is used to describe the event in almost every major publication and newspaper in Bangladesh.
RacismRacial segregationGenocideEthnic cleansing

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