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1970s in film: Quiz


Question 1: A year later the most iconic superhero was brought to the screen in Superman, who was portrayed by classically-trained actor ________.
Paul NewmanAl PacinoJack LemmonChristopher Reeve

Question 2: An adaptation of a Mario Puzo novel, ________, became one of the best-loved and most respected works of cinema upon its release in 1972.
Francis Ford CoppolaThe GodfatherThe Godfather Part IIThe Godfather Part III

Question 3: In the Bollywood cinema of India this was epitomized by the movies of Bollywood superhero ________.
Sanjeev KumarAmitabh BachchanAnil KapoorAmitabh Bachchan filmography

Question 4: The success of the film launched several other ________, many of which following the same blueprint of major stars, a melodramatic script, and great suspense.
The Towering InfernoHenry FondaThe Poseidon Adventure (1972 film)Disaster film

Question 5: The early '70s also brought a rebirth of gritty crime film, three years after the influential ________.
Eleni (film)Krull (film)BullittRobbery (film)

Question 6: Another tailor-made blockbuster, ________ King Kong was released, but to less than stellar success.
Dino De LaurentiisHannibal (film)De Laurentiis Entertainment GroupHannibal Lecter

Question 7: Martial arts film reached the peak of its popularity largely in part due to its greatest icon, ________.
Brandon LeeJeet Kune DoBruce LeeYip Man

Question 8: It was met by resounding praise for strong performances and its epic scope which resulted in numerous sequels and is regarded as one of the greatest ________ ever made, beginning a new era of superhero films.
Daredevil (film)Batman BeginsSpider-Man (film)Superhero film

Question 9: Yet he achieved global stardom in his last completed film and the first Kung fu film to be produced by a Hollywood studio, ________ (1973).
Bruce LeeBruce Lee: A Warrior's JourneyThe Big BossEnter the Dragon

Question 10: Both ________ and Coonskin would prove that this kind of material could be handled effectively in the animation genre.
Fritz the Cat (film)American PopRalph BakshiHeavy Traffic

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