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1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramla: Quiz


Question 1: Israel's prime minister, ________, famously told the Knesset in 1961 that the Palestinians had left on orders from Arab leaders or in response to radio broadcasts from other Arab states.
Yitzhak RabinMenachem BeginDavid Ben-GurionShimon Peres

Question 2: ________, the second-year medical student expelled from Lydda, went on to lead one of the best-known of the Palestinians' guerrilla groups, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).
Palestine Liberation OrganizationYasser ArafatGeorge HabashFatah

Question 3: The PFLP was also behind the 1972 ________, in which 27 people died, and the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight to Entebbe, which famously led to the IDF's rescue of the hostages, Operation Entebbe.
Kōzō OkamotoDeir Yassin massacreBen Gurion International AirportLod Airport massacre

Question 4: He organized the PLO's guerrilla warfare, and the Fatah youth movements that helped spark the ________.
Palestine Liberation OrganizationSecond IntifadaIsraeli–Palestinian conflictFirst Intifada

Question 5: The Absorption Centre of the ________, which handles Jewish immigrants arriving in Israel, is based there.
Jewish Agency for IsraelDavid Ben-GurionPalestineWorld Zionist Organization

Question 6: 2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack
2008–2009 ________
International reaction to the Gaza WarGaza WarSecond Intifada2006 Lebanon War

Question 7: Yigal Allon, who may have ordered the expulsions, was elected in 1965 to Israel's parliament, the ________, becoming a minister in 1961 and deputy prime minister in 1967.
Legislative YuanKnessetFederal National CouncilState Peace and Development Council

Question 8: The town became briefly known around the world in 1962, when ________, a key figure in the Holocaust, was hanged in Ramla prison on 31 May that year.
Adolf EichmannJohn DemjanjukAlois BrunnerWalter Rauff

Question 9: [91] ________, the United Nations mediator in Palestine, visited the refugee camp they were eventually sent to, and said he had never seen a more ghastly sight.
Folke Bernadotte1948 Arab–Israeli WarSix-Day War2006 Lebanon War

Question 10: The Arabs of Western and Lower Galilee, mainly ________ and Druze, were allowed to stay in place, but Lydda and Ramla, mainly Muslim, were almost completely emptied.
Catholic ChurchChristianJesusChristianity

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